Low Cost Lead Generation Strategies

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15 B2B Low Cost Lead Generation Strategies

  1. Content: Images, Videos
  2. Pay-Per-Click
  3. Webcasts or Potcasts
  4. Free Downloads: e.g. e-books
  5. Newsletters, Email Marketing
  6. Youtube
  7. Online Forms
  8. Twitter
  9. Facebook
  10. Cross Promotion
  11. Write Free Content
  12. Blogging:
  13. Radio
  14. Trade Publications
  15. Product Relaunch
15 B2B Low Cost Lead Generation Strategies

The purpose of this list of lead generation strategies is to get customers to come up with their own list of ways to generate leads without having to spend too much money. This list of 15 low cost lead generation strategies can be expanded upon quite easily by anyone in marketing willing to take the time to investigate ways of generating targeted traffic.

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