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Packing Tips – How to Pack Stress Free

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3 October 2011 – With all the charges that are becoming apparent when you fly regarding excess baggage, wouldn’t it be nice if you could pack your luggage with confidence knowing that you will not have to pay baggage fees.  My husband and I travel and have developed a system of our own so that we travel with very little luggage in order to save money by not over packing.

My husband and I have traveled for a few years now. When we first started traveling, I would pack the day before we were leaving. Not a good idea. I packed just about everything not thinking of what we would really need. Of course the airlines were not as strict then regarding overweight bags. We always had excess luggage the first couple of years. Now, when we travel, because the airlines are stricter, the first and foremost packing tip is to make a list of things we really need and that is what gets packed first. This list guarantees that we have everything we need for that particular trip.

Excess Baggage Not As Carry On

We have accumulated our own packing tips. What we have learned over the years is to downsize our wardrobe. We each take two pairs of shorts, three to four t-shirts, sandals, bathing suits, socks and extra underwear. We wear our heavier clothes like jeans, sweater, sweatshirt and heavier shoes. By wearing our bulkier clothing we do not have to worry about the weight of our carry on luggage. We always travel in February so we will even have a coat or a jacket just in case the weather gets cool. As you can tell we travel to a warm, sunny climate.

We cut down quite a bit but we always have everything we need. For example, I have one bathing suit bottom but a couple of bathing suit tops. I alternate them so that it looks like I have three bathing suits instead of one complete one. My husband’s bathing suits can also be used as shorts, if necessary. We have also started to roll our clothes when we pack in order to avoid wrinkled clothing. We also have more storage space in our suitcase. This packing tip was advantageous to us as now we have room to bring home souvenirs.

We have always stayed at the same hotel, because we have now made lots of friends, so we know what we don’t have to take as the hotel provides it. I also keep a list of what we don’t need. We do not need to pack towels, blow dryer, iron, or shampoo and conditioner. The hotel also has a washing machine, if necessary I can do laundry. We buy our toothpaste, laundry soap and other necessities when we get to our destination. Dollar stores, which can be found everywhere, are great for these items. This particular packing tip seems to help the most. Toiletries can add excess weight to your luggage bag.

In general, the few simple packing tips that we follow are organization, make a list of what we need and don’t need, know our hotel amenities, pack 2 – 3 days before our trip, and downsize our wardrobe.

Using the various packing tips suggested we now pack right to travel light and stress free!

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