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Benefits of Branded Uniforms and Workwear

Whatever your business, whether it’s a large multi million pound company or a small company we all want to be professional and give the right impression to our customers. It’s becoming harder and harder to sell to customers as people are a lot more reluctant to part with their hard earned cash, so don’t give them any excuses to refuse your services. Branded uniforms adds a level of professionalism.

No matter what people say, in my opinion when it comes down to business, FIRST IMPRESSIONS COUNT, so make sure the first impression you give is a positive one and don’t lose your customer before you even start working.

Your company may well be the best thing since sliced bread but if you and your workforce give off the wrong impression, you will not have the chance to sell it.

A scruffy employee suggests to the customer, this company is not bothered, and therefore unprofessional.

Branded uniforms are a very simple, yet effective way of giving our customers the right impression and creating the right image from the beginning.

Your company logo branded on a garment tells the customer instantly that you are professional, consistent, smart and proud to represent this business. It suggests, strict guidelines, trust and structure which automatically puts the customer at ease.

However, as great as these points may be they are not the only benefits to branded uniforms – the logo and company identity is also being advertised constantly as it is on show for all to see. This subconsciously gives immediate brand awareness so when a customer requires such a service your logo could possibly be the first company they associate that service with.

Additionally, your staff will appreciate it as they do not have to buy extra clothing for work, select appropriate attire for work. It also gives them a sense of belonging and promotes that team feeling where everyone is equal and important.

It may be time now for your business to review its identity and see what impressions your giving off.

Stand back, look at your team and ask yourself – does your workforce reflect the image that you wish your customers to have of your business, if they don’t, then ask why?

At Dei Gratia Consortium we can help develop your brand, and create a workforce uniform that your employees will love for a very small investment with maximum returns.

Remember … You Think It, We Print It

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